Butora altura climbing shoes

Butora Altura climbing shoe review

The Butora Altura climbing shoes are a great shoe for multi-pitch and trad climbing or if you have any ankle issues. Butora altura will work best when climbing cracks, especially off-widths. The Alturas are a great option for the La Sportiva TC Pros. 

The Altura is a unisex climbing shoe and it is available in two different versions:

  • Altura Green Wide
  • Altura Tiger Lily Regular
Butora Altura green wide climbing shoe
Butora Altura climbing shoe for trad review

What to consider before buying the butora Altura climbing shoes

The type of your feet: The Altura is available for both wider or regular feet shapes. Make sure you have the right type for your feet. 

If you have narrow feet:  Choose the regular version which is the tiger lily (or red) colored shoe.

If you have wide feet: Go with the green wide shoe. 

If you don’t know if your feet are narrow or wide? Usually people with higher arches have more narrow feet and people with lower arches have wider feet. 

Sizing: when choosing the right size for you, take a half size from your typical street shoe size for bouldering. Some people do have issues when sizing the Butora Alturas so if you have a chance to try them on at a local shop or climbing gym that might help out. The Butora Altura shoes should only stretch about one quarter size after some use. 

What kind of climber are you? The Butora Alturas work great for trad climbers looking for a new option for the TC Pro climbing shoe.  


  • Mid-height ankle protection
  • Padding for toes and ankle
  • Organic Hemp lining 
  • Weight:  1,63 lb/ 740 grams
  • Materials: German hydrovelour split leather, Organic hemp lining, Neo Fuse rubber
  • Moisture-wicking split-leather foot bed
  • Lace up closure
Butora Endeavor side cut view

Butora Altura- Pros and Cons


  • Comfortable for multi-pitch routes
  • Great for cracks 
  • Good for smearing
  • Great padding and hemp liner offers protection to the toes and ankle
  • Durable
  • Takes time to break-in
  • Won’t fit the most thinnest cracks
  • Not the most sensitive shoes

Butora Altura reviews and takeaways from other sites:

Amazon: 5/5 at with 5 reviews. 

      • The size is a bit more snug than in same size TC Pros
      • Not great for bouldering
Outdoor Gearlab: 4/5
 “We’ll keep climbing in the Alturas, since the more they break in and the better they feel, becoming more precise over time as they soften up. We wanted these to feel like $155 versions of the TCs. They’re not, and don’t expect the same fit or performance out of the box. We put these side by side with a brand new pair of TCs, and our lead tester could hop on the techiest of faces and pretty much climbed as confidently as he would with a worn-in pair. Not so with the Alturas. They’re going to take some time before they start feeling really good. One 5.13 crushing fan of these shoes joked that they really break in around their third resole. Just keep that in mind the first time you put a pair on. After a lengthy intro, they’re a great alternative to the TC Pro, especially if you’re having trouble finding the right fit with TC, or you want a very durable shoe for guiding or long, easy climbs.”

Alternatives for the Butora Altura climbing shoes

Before committing to the Butora Alturas take a look at our review of the best climbing shoes article. In the article we recommend these shoes:

If you are a trad climber you might want to go with the Alturas or with the common La Sportiva TC Pro shoes. If you do only sport climbing and bouldering it is probably a good Idea to choose one of the other shoes recommended in the article.

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