Butora Endeavor climbing shoes

Butora Endeavor climbing shoe review

The Butora Endeavor climbing shoes are a great option for beginners. If you are looking for a more advanced shoe you can read about other Butora climbing shoes here.  The shoes perform quite well in all areas of climbing and they are really affordable. If you are an intermediate or more experienced climber you might want to consider getting these shoes for warm up shoes or for easier routes where you get a lot of mileage. 

The endeavor comes in seven(!) different versions:

  • The endeavor NEAT Grey (women’s)
  • The endeavor NEAT red
  • The endeavor NEAT Orange
  • The endeavor Lavender regular (women’s) 
  • The endeavor Crimson Wide (women’s)
  • The endeavor Moss Wide
  • The Endeavor Sierra Gold Regular

What to consider before buying the butora Endeavor climbing shoes

The type of your feet: The Endeavors are made for both wider or regular feet shapes. Make sure you know which style works for you. 

If you have narrow feet:  Choose one of these: Neat Grey (women’s) or Neat red or Neat orange, Lavender regular or Sierra gold regular. 

If you have wide feet: Go with the Crimson wide, Moss Wide 

If you don’t know if your feet are narrow or wide? Usually people with higher arches have more narrow feet and people with lower arches have wider feet.

Sizing: when choosing the right size for you, take a half size from your typical street shoe size for bouldering. Some people do have issues when sizing the Butora Endeavors so if you have a chance to try them on at a local shop or climbing gym that might help out. The Butora Endeavors should only stretch about one quarter size in use. 

What kind of climber are you? The Butora endeavors work great for beginners looking for a cheaper option for a climbing shoe.  If you are more experienced you might want to consider these for easier routes or for warm ups.

  • Weight: 19.2 oz. / 545 grams
  • Materials: Neo Fuse rubber, Organic hemp lining, Leather
  • ABS injected midsole
  • Velcro closure
Butora Endeavor side cut view

Butora Endeavor Women’s models

What is different in the women’s versions:
    •  Lower cut heel and ankle area
    • Different color options

Butora Endeavor- Pros and Cons

  • Really affordable pricing
  • Great for beginners
  • Great for warm-ups or easier & longer routes
  • Good edging
  • Some people have had trouble finding the right size
  • Not really good for tougher routes

Alternatives for the Butora Endeavor climbing shoes

Before committing to the Butora endeavors take a look at our review of the best climbing shoes article. In the article we recommend these shoes:
All these options are a bit pricier than the Butora Endeavors, but if you are an intermediate or experienced climber or even more serious about your climbing it is good to consider all the options before making a purchase.
If you want to get an affordable pair of beginner’s climbing shoes the Endeavors might be the ones for you.

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