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Climbing celebrities – Famous people who climb

Climbing is becoming more and more popular as it is now an Olympic sport as well. We compiled a list of some of the celebrities who have found this great sport. 

Jared Leto

Jared began climbing in 2016 when he was filming his climbing documentary series ‘great wide open’. Since then he has climbed around the world and with famous climbers like Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell. 

Leto has been climbing sport and trad climbs in Yosemite, Red rock canyon and Sardinia. In 2020 he has a near death experience when climbing with Honnold in Red rock as his rope was frayed by the rock. 

Leto is collaborating with The North Face and plays Paolo Gucci in the House of Gucci movie. The partnership between these two companies has been mocked by the climbing community for creating ‘expensive disposable clothing’ and for its promo pictures featuring people hiking in the expensive and impractical clothes. Leto has been one of the faces of the companies and has received some criticism for this. 

Leto is known for his roles as Joker in the suicide squad and Michael Morbius in the Morbius movie . He is also the vocalist in 30 Seconds to Mars. Leto also plays guitar, keyboards and bass.

You can watch the great wide open show for free on youtube: 

Jared Leto climbing indoors with Honnold

Jason Momoa

Jason started rock climbing in Needles, South Dakota as a teenager and later met with Chris Sharma in Hueco tanks. The problem solving in bouldering and being outdoors are what really intrigues Momoa in climbing.  Also the culture and society around climbing and skating are important for him.

Momoa enjoys climbing and the outdoors with his kids, but he also travels and climbs with some of the most famous climbers in the world. Jason has often been climbing with Chris Sharma, Alex Honnold and Jimmy Chin. 

Jason is one of the owners of On the Roam production company and they are in partnership with So Ill to make climbing and outdoors gear. Momoa is well known for his acting roles in Game of thrones series and the Aquaman and Dune movies.  He is also a writer and a producer.

Jason Momoa bouldering indoors

David Lee Roth

David Lee Roth started climbing in the sixties at the age of 11. He was a member of the boy scouts and was introduced to climbing through them. 

Diamond Dave is famous for his musical career in Van Halen and his solo albums. One of his most famous albums the skyscraper has a photo of him aid climbing on the wall of Half Dome in Yosemite. There is also video material of this trip on the music video of  ‘just like paradise’.

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