Elias burden of dreams

Elias Iagnemma Sent The Burden of Dreams V17/9a

After several months of working on the hardest boulder problem in the world, Elias Iagnemma has sent Burden of Dreams!

The “Burden of Dreams” climb, a formidable bouldering problem located in Lappnor near Loviisa, Finland, has been ascended by a select few climbers who have managed to conquer its challenging grade of 9A (V17). Here is a list of those climbers:

  1. Nalle Hukkataival – The first ascent on 23 October 2016. Hukkataival’s ascent was a significant moment in climbing history, marking the climb as the world’s first-ever boulder problem graded at 9A (V17).
  2. William Bosi – Successfully ascended the climb on 12 April 2023. Bosi prepared for his attempt by practicing on a 3D-printed replica of the key holds and movements of the route in the United Kingdom before tackling the actual boulder in Finland.
  3. Simon Lorenzi – Completed the climb on 27 December 2023, joining the exclusive list of climbers to have conquered this incredibly difficult boulder problem.

These climbers have not only demonstrated exceptional skill and perseverance but have also contributed to the ongoing story of “Burden of Dreams,” inspiring future generations of climbers to push the boundaries of what is possible in the sport. Now Elias is the fourth climber to achieve this huge milestone! Congratulations to you Elias!

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