Five ten Adidas Hiangle Pro

Five Ten Adidas Hiangle Pro Climbing Shoes Review

Five Ten Adidas Hiangle Pro Competition Climbing Shoes were designed with for the olympics, these shoes offer unrivaled performance for those tough comp climbs. With their durable construction and advanced features, such as sticky rubber soles and a precise fit, these shoes are sure to enhance your climbing experience and help you conquer any challenge that comes your way. Get ready to elevate your climbing game with the Hiangle Pro Competition Climbing Shoes.

Five Ten Adidas Hiangle Pro Competition Climbing Shoes Mens

Why Consider This Product?

Looking to up your climbing game? Look no further than the Five Ten Adidas Hiangle Pro Competition Climbing Shoes! These climbing shoes are specifically designed for the serious climber who is looking for top-notch performance and comfort. With their impressive features and benefits, these shoes are sure to take your climbing to the next level.

One reason to consider the Five Ten Adidas Hiangle Pro is their proven effectiveness in the climbing community. Janja Garnbret who is the best comp climber in the world uses Five Ten shoes! Backed by scientific research and evidence, these shoes have been shown to enhance climbing performance and provide the necessary support and grip needed for challenging climbs. Plus, the shoes have received glowing endorsements from many other professional climbers who have experienced the benefits firsthand.

Features and Benefits

Superior Grip and Traction

With a specially designed rubber outsole, the Five Ten Adidas Hiangle Pro ensures an exceptional grip on various surfaces. Whether you’re tackling a rocky wall, a boulder, or an indoor climbing gym, these shoes offer the traction needed for a confident climb. Say goodbye to slipping and hello to stability!

Precise and Sensitive Feel

These climbing shoes boast a unique design that provides a precise and sensitive feel, allowing you to feel the smallest footholds and make precise movements. This feature is especially important for challenging climbs with tiny grips. The sensitivity of the shoes allows for improved control and precision on the wall.

Comfortable Fit

While performance is crucial, comfort should not be compromised. The Five Ten Adidas Hiangle Pro takes care of both. With a tailored fit and a padded tongue, these shoes offer unmatched comfort during long climbing sessions. The shoes are designed to comfortably hug your feet and provide support where it’s needed most.

Durable Construction

Climbing shoes often face intense wear and tear, but the Hiangle Pro is built to withstand it all. The shoes are made with high-quality materials that are known for their durability and longevity. This means you can rely on these shoes to last through countless climbs without compromising their performance.

Five Ten Adidas Hiangle Pro Competition Climbing Shoes Mens

Product Quality

Five Ten and Adidas have joined forces to create the Hiangle Pro, ensuring a product that is synonymous with quality. Both brands are well-respected in the climbing and athletic communities, known for producing reliable and high-performing gear. The Hiangle Pro lives up to these expectations, delivering a climbing shoe that is built to last while providing exceptional performance.

What It’s Used For

Conquer Challenging Routes

If you’re an comp climbing enthusiast, the Five Ten Adidas Hiangle Pro is a must-have in your gear arsenal. These shoes are designed to tackle the toughest climbs, whether it’s comp style or just needs that extra sticky feel on that sketchy slab route. The superior grip, precise feel, and durability of the shoes make them the perfect companion for most modern style boulders. A big surprise has been that these are my go to climbing shoes for overhanging crack climbs. Since we got some wideboyz cracks at the gym all the crack climbers have been switching their shoes from TC Pro’s to shoes with more rubber on the toebox as on the overhang its a must! 

Excel in the Indoor Gym

If you prefer indoor climbing, the Hiangle Pro is equally suited for the job. Whether it’s a gym with artificial holds or a bouldering wall, these shoes will give you the edge you need to crush your climbing goals. The comfort, sensitivity, and reliable grip of the shoes ensure a successful and enjoyable climbing experience indoors. I have also used my Hiangle Pros outdoors, but one problem with the really sticky rubber is that sharper holds have actually made holes in my pair. 

Perfect for Competition Climbing

For those serious about competing in climbing competitions, the Hiangle Pro is designed to give you the competitive edge. These shoes provide the necessary support and grip for challenging competition routes. They also offer the comfort and precision required to perform at your best under pressure. As many of my routesetter friends are competing in national competitions they love to set comp style routes. As more and more 

Ideal for Intermediate to Advanced Climbers

The Five Ten Adidas Hiangle Pro is best suited for climbers who have some experience under their belt. Whether you’re an intermediate climber looking to take your skills to the next level or an advanced climber pushing your limits, these shoes will elevate your performance and help you achieve your climbing goals.

Five Ten Adidas Hiangle Pro Competition Climbing Shoes Mens

Product Specifications

Specification Details
Closure System Velcro straps
Upper Material Synthetic
Sole Material Stealth C4 rubber
Weight Approximately 340 grams (Size 8)
Available Sizes 6.5 – 13 (US)
Suitable For Modern and comp style climbing

Who Needs This

The Five Ten Adidas Hiangle Pro is a must-have for climbers who are serious about their sport. Whether you’re a seasoned climber looking for an upgrade or a passionate beginner who wants to invest in top-quality gear, these shoes are tailored to meet your needs. They are also suitable for those who engage in competition climbing or prefer indoor climbing environments.

Five Ten Adidas Hiangle Pro Competition Climbing Shoes Mens

Pros and Cons


  • Superior grip and traction
  • Precise and sensitive feel
  • Comfortable fit
  • Durable construction
  • Trusted brand collaboration


  • Higher price point compared to entry-level climbing shoes
  • Not good for really sharp outdoor holds


  1. Can these shoes be used for bouldering? Yes, the Five Ten Adidas Hiangle Pro is suitable for bouldering due to its excellent grip, sensitivity, and precise feel.

  2. Are they true to size? These climbing shoes generally run true to size, but it’s recommended to refer to the size chart provided by the manufacturer.

  3. Can the closure system be adjusted for a customizable fit? Yes, the Velcro straps on the Hiangle Pro allow for easy adjustment and customization of the fit.

Five Ten Adidas Hiangle Pro Competition Climbing Shoes Mens

What Customers Are Saying

Customers rave about the performance and quality of the Five Ten Adidas Hiangle Pro. Many have noticed a significant improvement in their climbing ability, citing the excellent grip and precise feel of the shoes as game-changers. The durability and comfort provided by the shoes are also highly praised by climbers of all skill levels.

Overall Value

The Five Ten Adidas Hiangle Pro climbing shoes offer excellent value for climbers who value performance, comfort, and durability. While they may come with a higher price tag compared to entry-level shoes, the quality and features justify the investment. With their proven effectiveness and trusted brand collaboration, these shoes will undoubtedly enhance your climbing experience.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

In summary, the Hiangle Pro Competition Climbing Shoes offer high performance, comfort, and durability for climbers of all levels. With their superior grip, precise feel, and tailored fit, these shoes are designed to elevate your climbing experience both indoors and outdoors.

Final Recommendation

If you’re serious about climbing and want to invest in top-quality shoes that will enhance your performance, the Five Ten  Hiangle Pro is an excellent choice. With their proven effectiveness, trusted brand collaboration, and positive customer feedback, these shoes are a worthy investment for any dedicated climber. So lace up, strap in, and get ready for your most impressive climbs yet!

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