New climbing shoes

New climbing shoes – review

Climbing shoes are always evolving and its great to be reviewing the new climbing shoes and testing their new innovations! Just look back a few years to see how far we have come as a sport. 

In this article we will write about all the new climbing shoes, whether its a sneak preview or a hands-on, in-depth review! 

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Unparallel Flagship Pro climbing shoes

UnParallel has made some changes to the new Flagship Pro shoe that has been designed with Tomoa Narasaki. Its a high performance competition shoe that can handle all kinds of comp climbs! The sole has been made thinner from 4mm to 3mm thickness. The Flagship pro comes with a thermoplastic midsole to help with smaller holds and a stickier toepatch to help with toehooks. The rand has also been made tougher to make the shoe more durable, but also to accomodate the wear and tear of toehooking!  

Unparallel flagship pro 2024 Tomoa Narasaki

La Sportiva Mandala climbing shoes

The all new Mandala for the year 2024 is basically a velcro version of the new La Sportiva Genius which we will also review in this article soon! It features the No-Edge technology which has been improving since its first appearance in the LaSportiva Speedster shoes in 2010. It has a single power strap velcro closure, so make sure you have the perfect fit for your feet.  

La Sportiva Mandala climbing shoe preview

Red Chili Clue climbing shoes

 The all new Red Chili Clue is an interesting new all-rounder climbing shoe. The shoe has a stiffer toe part to help getting your weight on top of the toes on small holds and crystals. At the same time the arc of the shoe is more flexible to help with smearing.  The shoe has one velcro-closure, but there is also an elastic sock to get you that slipper feeling and a nice fit. This is a lightweight shoe that has quality materials and we look forward to testing out the shoe in more in-depth review.

Red Chili Clue

Boreal Dharma shoes

The third version of the Dharma is great for small edges and crystals. The shoe has two Velcro closures and a sock lining for a nice fit. A large part of the materials have been recycled so this is an environmental option for a climbing shoe.  Unlike the Boreal Indo this has the stiffest rubber that Boreal uses the Zenith Pro. 

Boreal Dharma 2024

Unparallel Cubic climbing shoes

Cubic is a new Unparallel shoe coming in 2024. The shoe is available in a high volume and low volume versions that have the same color schemes.  This shoe is is stiff and downturned for some serious sport climbing and bouldering. The toe patch is really sticky for some great toe hooking, with built-in slits for optimal fit of the knuckles of the feet. 

Unparallel Cubic 2024

Scarpa Spot climbing shoes

The new Scarpa Spot model coming in 2024 is an all new model. The shoe is available in a high volume and low volume versions. This shoe is is slightly downturned and has a double velcro closure. Its a good option for both indoor and outdoor climbing. 

Scarpa Spot climbing shoes

Boreal Indo climbing shoes

Boreal Indo is a revamped climbing shoe that has been mainly designed for modern bouldering styles. The shoe is great for smearing and friction type climbing as it has the softest and stickiest rubber that Boreal uses called the Zenith Ultra II.  It also has a nice and big toepatch for toehooking. 

Boreal Indo review

La Sportiva Genius climbing shoes

The new version of the popular Genius for the year 2024 has got some great updates! Like before the Genius features the No-Edge technology, but with some updates. 

The colors have been updated and we really prefer the new updated version! It has that recognizable lacing system that is a little bit crooked to the outside edge. The new Genius also has the Heel technology that was originally used on the Solution Comp shoe.

La Sportiva genius climbing shoes 2024

Scarpa Origin VS climbing shoes

The updated Origin VS has been updated to be more of a performance shoe when compared to the older Origin (no VS) model. Its a soft shoe for beginners, but it should work for intermediate climbers as well, so you wont have to update your shoe that soon! The shoe is completely vegan and it features the powerband velcro closure that is familiar from other Scarpa shoes. 

Scarpa Origin vs

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