Wide boyz crack gloves

Wide Boyz Crack Gloves Review

The wideboyz have become the poster boys for crack climbing and especially off-width climbing. Therefore its great to get a pair of crack climbing gloves from them. The wideboyz crack gloves are a nice tool for protecting your hands on crack climbs. 

Wideboyz crack gloves -Specifications, pros and cons


  • Weight: 5 oz / 150 grams
  • 5.9 × 5.9 × 0.78 in / 15 x 15 x 2cm
  • Materials: Suede and rubber
  • Anatomical shaping for added protection and comfort
  • velcro closure that is protected with rubber
  • Size options: XS, S, M, L, XL,


  • Durable materials
  • Good friction
  • Mostly a good fit
  • Good protection for the thumb


  • Sizing issues with both smallest sizes being too big and with thicker fingers getting circulation problems
  • Might warm up on really sunny days because of the black material
Wide boyz crack glove in hand
Wide boyz crack glove jammed in an indoor crack

Wide boyz Crack Gloves Sizing

To choose the correct size in WB crack gloves you need to measure the length and girth of your hand. You can see the photo below for more exact measuring tips. 

Length is measured from the crease of the palm to the tip of the middle finger. Use the palm side for this, even though the glove will mostly be on the backside of the hand. 

Girth is measured around the knuckles. Keep your fingers together while taking the measurement. 

After you have the measurements you pick the larger measurement. With this measurement you check the table below to see what size is the right fit for you!

Size guide for the Wide Boyz crack gloves

Wide boyz crack gloves size guide
Wide boyz crack gloves size guide how to take the measurements

Why should you use crack gloves?

You will get a faster start up the crack with the WB gloves. You wont need to take five to fifteen minutes taping up your hands and fingers before starting up a route.

Besides protecting the backs of you hands the crack gloves also keep them warm when climbing during colder seasons.

Save money on tape and produce less trash by using gloves that you can use for a lot more times than tape gloves.

Proper crack climbing gloves wont come apart as easily as tape. Tape can also get stuck more easily and you are likely to leave more trash behind if your taped gloves come apart during a climb.

If you like to climb different kinds of routes and in different climbing disciplines then it can be a lot faster to have gloves. If you climb a few crack routes and a bunch of sport routes before hitting the boulders its likely that you don’t want to hassle with making tape gloves all the time. 

Maybe use tape instead of the crack gloves?

I guess a lot of people consider taping to be more traditional and are therefore against gloves. This is understandable as it is in fact trad climbing. Many of these people are quickly converted after trying on some crack gloves. Here are some arguments that are common for tape gloves though:

You can tape exactly the way you want to. You can use a lot of tape for extra protection or you can only use the bare minimum for a thin crack. You can even know the route and tape for that exact occasion. 

Saving the cost of the gloves if you rarely climb cracks. In this case though it is likely that your hands will hurt even more and to be honest all the crack gloves in the market are so affordable that you quickly save the cost in tape. 

WideBoyz crack gloves vs Black diamond crack gloves vs ocun crack gloves vs OR splitter gloves vs…

Before committing to the wideboyz crack gloves we recommend that you get to know the other options as well. We have made reviews of several different gloves and you can find the articles here:  

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